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Website Construction

Not Just a Business Card.

A website isn’t just a placeholder anymore. What consumers expect from our websites has grown dramatically over the years. If your website doesn’t give items like: Pricing, Photos (lots of photos), in depth product or service desciption, extreme ease of use and Mobile Friendly, you’re probably missing the boat on sales.

Websites have made it so easy to find and buy the things we need (and want) that unfortunately, if you can’t provide a rich and informative

experience while giving the customer everything he needs right in front of them to make a purchasing decision, they will just go to another website that does. That being said, I find that a lot of people I speak with (business owners) still have the mentality:  “Just get them to call me” or “I’m not giving out pricing over the internet so that everyone can undercut me.” I strongly urge these people to take a long hard look at the way that we live. I am going to touch on those two statements specifically:

  1. “Just get them to pick up the phone and call me” – This does NOT work anymore. You aren’t the only one that sells your product or service. Tell me, what are the chances that 1 other company that sells that product has decided to put everything that they need to make a purchasing decision right in front of them. If you make their shopping experience difficult for them, either in your store or online, they will go somewhere else.
  2. “I’m not going to give out pricing online so that everyone can undercut me.”  I’m sorry to say this, but if this is what you’re doing, you’ve already been undercut and they have most likely stolen already your customer. We are (and have been for years) in a buyers market. The internet has made consumers so well informed. Never before has information been this available to consumers, the Internet changed the way we live entirely. Withholding information or making people “work for it” or “show a commitment” before they will get a price is OLD and does not work anymore.


The way that we do business and the way that we conduct ourselves must be transparent. Transparency is what allows consumers to build trust with you and you brand before they even get the chance to meet you. A strong website can wow consumers and draw them in. A poorly designed site will do the exact opposite.


Your Online (and Offline) presence is key now, more than ever. What you probably don’t realize is that a good website will not only make the first impression about you and your business (in seconds) but it can also take them 90% of the way down the buying cycle without even talking to you.. or.. it can scare them away.


Keeping your website architecture simple and informative will have a huge impact on your business. When thinking about your website design, always make sure that it is structured so that the consumer can find things very easily and take themselves down the purchase funnel.

Truth be told, I could ramble on about this for hours because it cannot hit home hard enough. This is why thinking about the structure and flow of your site is so important. This is one of the services that we offer our clients. Whether we are the ones to build your website, or if you have chosen to go with a 3rd party, we will work with them to make sure that it is designed with your customer in mind.

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