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Strategic Marketing

Make your Marketing Efforts work for YOU!

Not the other way around...

Let us show you how we can tie all of your existing marketing efforts together to greatly increase their effectiveness.

When you walk into a business, you almost immediately get a “feel” for who the business is, how they operate, and their level of professionalism. These items are all structured and brought together because of their brand. Most don’t realize it, but every aspect of how you decorate your building says ALOT about who you are as a business.

This same representation of who you are should be carried out into every aspect of what you do. Whether you are advertising online, offline, offsite, or on the side of a bus, that “feeling” of who you are needs to be there. Research has proven that if you can portray your brand, and what makes you different in every aspect of your advertising you are significantly more likely to convert and create a lasting impression.

We will help you put together a strategy (and deploy it if requested) that will tie in all of your advertising into the same look at feel. This doesn’t mean that you cant talk about different items in each medium, it just means that the basic look and feel of the graphics or ad copy themselves need to always be consistent.

Re-Marketing – this is a very effective way of bringing consumers back to you, back to your site, and keeping you on the top of their mind. Example: Let’s say that you sell Mobile Phones. A consumer comes to your site and looks at a particular phone and then leaves your site and goes elsewhere. Specially targeted ads get deployed into multiple ad networks (Facebook, Instagram, Kijiji, Google Partners etc) all focused on keeping that particular device in-front of the consumer wherever they go online, these ads focused specifically on that device that your consumer was interested in, bringing them back to YOU when they are ready to purchase.

Targeted Video РIf pictures are worth 1000 words, videos are worth 100 million words. Using Targeted video deployed in multiple locations can get your customer excited, intrigued, emotional or any other number of emotions that you cannot achieve with any other medium. As you know, if you can spark an emotion in someone (a positive one) they will never forget you and are considerably more likely to purchase.

These are just a couple of things that we bring to the table to help you grow your business. Contact us today to set up a consult.


We Can Help!

    Dale C

    Dale C

    Automotive Service Industry

    Corey was able to Quickly Grasp what we wanted to Accomplish and had some great ideas on how to achieve our goals. He has a wide variety of Implementation Scenarios and Strategies to run with.



    Airline & Transportation Industry

    I was extremely pleased with level of knowledge he had in my industry and about MY customers! He asked the right probing questions and really listened to our answers and Helps us When We Need to ensure that he was Meeting our needs.



    Senior Management, High End Restaurants

    Working with Forgenet was a breath of fresh air. They were straight to the point and no fluff. They tailored my program based on what MY business needed, not based on what other people have done. Forgenet Technologies comes highly recommended by me.