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Every one of our
Custom Software Applications
are built on:

Mobile First Design
Just like our websites, our custom software platforms are built on a "mobile first" perspective, meaning we don't build the desktop version first, we start with the Mobile version and work backwards. This means that your software will be accessible anywhere you need it to be. We develop for the best mobile experience possible and then tailor the desktop version to fit afterwards.
Responsive Design
Our Custom Software Applications are built from the ground up to be responsive on any device, regardless of screensize, resolution or device type. This ensures a smooth and seamless experience for you, your staff and your end users regardless of which device they choose to use.
Cutting Edge Technology
After the application planning meeting our experienced team of engineers decide which Technology Stack will best achieve your needs. We only use cutting edge programming languages to ensure that your Software Application stays on the cutting edge well into the future.
Page Speed
Website speed is one of the most important factors today as the speed of business continues to increase. Your Custom Web Application needs to react and load as fast as you do. Using state of the art server technology and very skilled software engineers we are able to achieve this each and every time.
Canadian Servers
Our State-of-the-Art cloud infrastructure is housed in Canada. Not only does this mean low latency but from an Information Privacy perspective you never have to worry about your Business Data or Customer Data sitting in another country.
Powered by Linux
The heart (and backbone) of our server infrastructure is powered by Linux Operating Systems. Linux is one of the most powerful, secure and stable server operating systems available and is always the "go-to" for most of our Custom Software and Web Development Applications.

Faster & More Reliable,

Having Canadian servers allows us to have a quick, low latency connection from your application to your clients or end users.
Cloud Infrastructure
Our cloud computing infrastructure is built on the Amazon Web Services platform, the best-in-class option for Cloud Computing Technology
Our servers (and the Web Applications hosted on them) are monitored 24 hours a day to ensure best in class availabilty with next to no downtime. We boast a 99.9% up-time guarantee.
Server Maintenance
We run routine server maintenance to ensure a high level of security and reliability. Our maintenance windows occur between 1am and 5am to ensure minimal impact to our end users.

Why force your business to fit into
someone else's idea of what your needs are?

In our experience, forcing anything or anyone to conform to something not meant for them – or into something that someone else “thought” would fit their needs, never ends well. Your business needs are no different. Every business has very specific niche needs, it isnt possible to incorporate all of these very specific needs into an “out-of-the-box” software application you buy on the shelf.

We have built Custom Software Applications for a wide range of uses, everything from:

  1. Automated and Semi-Automated invoicing and billing applications tailored to a specific industry.
  2. Complex Software that communicates with Labs around the world via API to analyze samples and predict outcomes using a predictive algorithm.
  3. Extremely complex platforms that use deep-learning algorithms to analyze automotive market data found online and allow extremely granular reporting based on its findings.

Regardless of what the need is, we can build your solution. We all know the old adage “Time is Money“, well your time is extremely valuable. Having a system tailored and built for your business will not only revolutionize the way you do business, but it will change your life.

These are just a few of the ways that we can make your life easier:

Custom API's
Automated Invoicing
Predictive Algorithms
Customer Database
Customer Portal
Various settings

The Process that brings
your Idea to to Life


Design and Concept
It starts in a meeting with our project manager where we deep-dive into your vision. We visually map out how your application will work, ask deep probing questions so that we can get an idea of what the product will look like and how the flow will work.


Our project manager will come back with an approximate cost range of what it will cost to build your Custom Application based on your needs. If you are comfortable with the range we will take a small deposit and move into the next phase.


Once approval of the cost range has been received we start to build a prototype of your application. This shows basic functionality of what it will look like. Once the prototype is approved we build out a firm quote to build out your Application.


At this stage we take a 50% deposit of the development costs and start development. The length of this stage varies on the complexity and scope of your platform. Regular meetings will be held to show progress and design as your vision comes to life.


Your Application is now Live! Now we start system training and onboarding. We host, maintain and monitor the system as well as start your Standard Technical Support package part of your monthly management fee.

During the planning process, we break out the most important features into Phase 1, we call this phase “MVP” which stands for “Minimum Viable Product.” This is the simplest usable version of the software. We do this so that you can start using your system and it can be generating money for you as soon as possible. Then we plan, build and deploy the remainder of your requested features into their own phases based on your needs and which items are most imporant to you.

The process will repeat steps 1 through 5 for every development phase.

All of our phases are quoted and billed out individually. This way it is easier on your budget as the costs are spread out over time. We offer a variety of payment options to try and make everything as comfortable and simple as possible.

Note: You own your Application. In accordance with our Cancellation Policy and our Terms and Conditions, you are welcome to take it with you in the event you ever decide to use another service provider.

Our Approach to planning out your new Application

We ask a lot of probing questions during the investigation step for a number of reasons, in this case it is so that we can accurately map out all of the different ways the users will be using the system. We develop every aspect of your new Software Appliction so that it is as simple, efficient and easy to accomplish each task.
Data security is at the top of our requirements throughout the entire process. The Security and Protection of your data is paramount and safeguards are built in to every level of the software all the way down to the server architecture and setup. You can rest assured that we do everything possible to protect your data.
Your software and our servers go through regular and constant security and operating system updates to ensure the most stable product. All data is backed up and stored regularly in a secure environment. Any maintenance required that may potentially impact user experience is only completed overnight so as to minimize end-user interruption.

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Lets Chat!

Let us know how we can help! We will get back to you ASAP.

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